Python Interface

Teleport’s tiny specification operates entirely on JSON values and mathematical sets, making it language-agnostic and allowing for a common test suite for all implementations.

This Python library is the first and probably best implementation of Teleport. Apart from type-checking in conformance with the specification, it implements serialization as well as a convenient interface for creating new types.

At a Glance

pip install teleport
>>> from teleport import t
>>> TODO = t({"Struct": {
...            "required": {"task": "String"},
...            "optional": {"priority": "Integer",
...                         "deadline": "DateTime"}}})
>>> TODO.check({"task": "Return videotapes"})
>>> TODO.from_json({"task": "Return videotapes",
...                 "deadline": "2015-04-05T14:30:00Z"})
{'deadline': datetime.datetime(2015, 4, 5, 14, 30, tzinfo=<UTC>),
 'task': u'Return videotapes'}

Design Notes

These notes explain some of the design decisions of the Teleport specification. They are here to be refuted and rewised, through the project’s mailing list.


Teleport was started in May 2013 and developed as part of Cosmic, little-known web API library by yours truly. It was rewritted from scratch in November 2014 based on a new and improved specification. With enough eyes and some helping hands, we should see version 1.0 soon.


Teleport is a one-man operation with a big scope. The GitHub repository is kept in good order to welcome all kinds of patches:

  • Improvements to the specification (see also: the mailing list)
  • Interesting recipes for the teleport.examples module
  • Difficult test cases for the language-agnostic test suite
  • Tweaks, fixes, aggressive refactorings
  • Removing immature humor from the documentation

If you are interested in building web APIs with Teleport, take a look at Cosmic, a project by the same author. It will be updated soon with the new Teleport implementation and will become the best showcase for Teleport.