Python Interface

Teleport’s tiny specification operates entirely on JSON values and mathematical sets, making it language-agnostic and allowing for a common test suite for all implementations.

This Python library is the first and probably best implementation of Teleport. Apart from type-checking in conformance with the specification, it implements serialization as well as a convenient interface for creating new types.

At a Glance

pip install teleport
>>> from teleport import t
>>> TODO = t({"Struct": {
...            "required": {"task": "String"},
...            "optional": {"priority": "Integer",
...                         "deadline": "DateTime"}}})
>>> TODO.contains({"task": "Return videotapes"})
>>> TODO.from_json({"task": "Return videotapes",
...                 "deadline": "2015-04-05T14:30"})
{u'deadline': datetime.datetime(2015, 4, 5, 14, 30),
 u'task': u'Return videotapes'}